Wellness Articles

January – Digital Eye Strain and Glaucoma
February – American Heart Month
March – National Nutrition Month
April – National Stress Awareness
May – Signs of Stroke
June – Men’s Health Awareness Month
July – Knowing the difference

January – National Blood Donor
February – Importance of screenings & Physicals
March – Importance of Sleep
April – Alcohol and Stress Awareness Month
May – Tips for lowering your blood pressure
June – Alcohol and Brain Awareness
July – UV Safety Awareness
August – National Immunization Month
September – Prevent the Spread of The Flu
October – Bone and Joint Health
November – Diabetes and Alzheimers
December – Crohns and Colitis

January – Cervical Cancer Screening
February– Reduce Stress for a Healthier Heart
March – Get to Know Your Kidneys
April – Irritable Bowel Syndrome
May – Fall Prevention
June – National Safety Month
July – We Can Beat Obesity
August – Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month
September – Suicide Prevention Awareness
October – Breast Cancer Awareness
December – Mind, Body, Wellness

January – Mental Health
February – COVID-19 FAQs
March – The Importance of a Primary Care Physician
April – Coping with Stress
May – Skin Cancer Awareness
June – Alzheimer’s Prevention
August – Covid-19 and Myths
September – Ovarian Cancer
October – Breast Cancer Screening Article
November – Diabetes Awareness Month Article
December – How to have a Stress Free Holiday Season