Frequently Asked Questions

QPIC is a partnership between Baptist Health System (BHS) and HealthTexas Primary Care Providers (HT). By collaborating with Aetna, QPIC pioneered a new accountable care product for employers in Bexar, Kendall, Guadalupe and Comal counties. The Aetna Whole Health product gives members access to highly coordinated, member-focused, doctor-driven healthcare using an accountable care network of providers.
A Primary Care Physician’s (PCP) role is to lead your care team. The team’s job is to know you and your medical history. They will oversee your total healthcare including your annual wellness exam and preventive screenings. When you are sick, your doctor or any member of your care team and treat you. Your doctor can also help you find care programs tailored to your needs, guide you on important health decisions and direct your care across other specialties and facilities in your network.
You will have a care team looking out for you. Led by your Primary Care Doctor, your care team may include other doctors, physician assistants, nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals. Together they will help keep you healthy and improve your health.
No, you may self-refer to specialists within the Aetna Whole Health – Baptist Health System & HealthTexas Primary Care Doctors network. Your primary care doctor will always be your best resource and can suggest in-network specialists. For concierge service call (210) 920-9301 or email QPIC@HealthTexas.org

Once you choose a Primary Care Physician and have your first visit, you are then considered an “established patient.” This is a very important step, once you are established your healthcare opportunities are wide open and you can be seen by the care team for any need – from flu to complex issues like helping you manage high cholesterol or diabetes. Your personal health information is stored in a secured electronic health record for your entire healthcare team to view when needed. Having this big picture view of your health also helps your doctors spot any gaps in your care or identify risks for certain conditions.

Your network includes:

  • 300+ Primary Care Doctors
  • 3,000+ Specialists
  • 6 Hospitals, which includes a Pediatric Hospital @ North Central Baptist
  • 7 Baptist Neighborhood Hospitals
  • 45 Urgent Cares
If your health or life is in serious danger; call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. You will be covered as though you stayed within the network. For non-life threatening issues call the Aetna 24 hour nurse line 800- 556-1555 or utilize the telemedicine services offered by your insurance plan/employer.
Whether you’re at risk, recently diagnosed or trying to get a condition under control, your care team can help. They want you to get the right treatment and the right level of care at the right time. They may:
  • Develop a personalized care plan to help you avoid complications
  • Educate you about your condition with links to videos and articles
  • Monitor your condition and adjust your treatment plan as needed
  • Check-in with you to be sure you’re taking your medicine, refilling prescriptions and following your plan
  • Encourage you to be actively involved in your care and call if you’re having any trouble
  • Type a name, specialty, procedure or condition in the “Who or what are you looking for?” box
  • Enter your ZIP code in the “Where?” box
  • Choose (TX) Aetna Whole Health – Baptist Health System & HealthTexas
    Primary Care Doctors from the “Select a Plan” drop down menu
  • You can also limit your search to a city and state.
  • Always call 911 for life-threatening emergencies
  • For non-life-threatening issues, always call your provider first to see if you should go to the ER or Urgent Care.
  • Consider calling the 24- hour Nurse Line 800- 556-1555 or Same Day Sick Appointments 210-572-8890.