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Thank you for your interest in joining the Aetna Whole Health (AWH) Network. We are an accountable health network that is a collaboration between Aetna, HealthTexas Primary Care Doctors and Baptist Health System. The Primary Care Physician manages each patient’s individual needs with a goal to:

By joining our Network you will be able to:
HealthTexas is responsible for the medical management of our Aetna Whole Health members. Their Art & Quality of Medicine™ Program exceeds the national average in preventive healthcare measures in keeping patients healthier and back on their feet faster if they become ill. On occasion, the team might contact your office for medical records and/or preventative screening information.

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If you are not an Aetna Contracted provider, you must join the Aetna Provider Network prior to requesting to join Aetna Whole Health (QPIC ACO). Click here to join Aetna Network: